Stevan Allen

Stevan Allen


Stevan Allen MAPT, CCRT is a Colorado native, born and raised in North Denver. He completed his undergraduate work at the University of Colorado in Boulder and went on to obtain his Master of Arts Degree in Physical Therapy from Stanford University.

Upon graduation from Stanford, Stevan joined the oldest private physical therapy practice in California and within a 10-year period, grew it to one of the largest and most diverse private practices in the state of California. He was majority shareholder and President for over 30 years.

Stevan has over 40 years of demonstrated success in the field of physical therapy services, and clinical skills in orthopedics, neurologic, and sports medicine, as well as business development and practice.

Stevan and his family made the move back to Colorado to assist in the care of their aging parents, and decided to shift this physical therapy interests to animals. He became certified to treat animals in 2011 and remains dual licensed to treat animals and humans.

In 2013, Stevan founded and is the sole owner of Sierra Peak Animal Rehabilitation Inc. Stevan specializes in customizing a physical therapy plan of care to meet the needs of his patients and owners.

He has served on the National level of the American Physical Therapy Association, Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy, and has been the Vice President of the Animal Rehabilitation Special Interest Group of the Academy of Orthopedics PT for the past 6 years.

Recently Stevan established a Not for Profit, 501c3 corporations, Friends of Sierra, to advance the science of physical therapy in the field of animal rehab and to assist organizations and individuals who are financially unable to receive physical therapy.

Erin Schaefer

Erin Schaefer

Rehabilitation Assistant

Erin Schaefer grew up in rural Wyoming. She started her competition career in 4-H show dogs and continued on with horses, pigs, and steers. Through her competition experience, Erin was able to earn money for college by auctioning off various animals. Erin graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2002, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science Pre-Vet. While in college, she was a member of the Collegiate Horse Show Team.

Upon graduation, she began her career with animals as a zookeeper. She worked for 13 years in 4 different zoos interacting daily with many different types of animals. It was during this period that she was exposed to animal physical therapy, which fostered a new found interest and career.

In addition to her professional career with animals, one of Erin’s hobbies has been training and competing with her Australian Shepherds in the Sport of Agility for the past 15 years. This sport has taught her the importance of understanding a dogs mobility, gait and stride as well as giving her the knowledge to recognize and rehabilitate these subtleties after injuries or surgery. Upon recognition of the animal’s needs after injury or surgery, one of the best methods for rehabilitation is the underwater treadmill. This, along with physical therapy can improve a dog’s gait and in many cases return it to normal. The Sport of Agility has given Erin a greater appreciation for physical therapy and it’s benefits.